honeywell gas valve troubleshooting

Mine got here today, won’t be changing it. If problem persist you will need to replace the thermopile. I followed the the rest of the instructions and got my 1-flash Normal Operation going and the heater is working properly now. The screw on the back of the control board is a Torx T-15 size. Fixed? The thermal switch on the hot water heater was broken. Takes one screw driver to unscrew the one screw on the bottom of the controller. Wish this had been up 2 years ago, when the previous unit failed. The water heater turns on and hubby and I live happily ever after. Deliberately, maliciously, and probably under the pretense of safety. ~, Home Projects: Is It A Problem That I Have Two Of Each Color Wires On My Honeywell Thermostat?. • Heat on the thermopile generates 750 to 900 millivolts (open circuit). The pilot on my waterheater went out over night. Reviews are especially welcome. I let the water sit until the water in it is no longer hot–the last shower usually takes care of that. like this This would upset me less if I had hot water meanwhile! Those two must also be connected which ever method is selected to correct the problem. Get it from e-bay, just look at picture to make sure it only has red & white wires to the right and  NO wire to left side under COM.. Got the same 4 blinking lights Saturday . I looked at the manual and saw that 4 … Followed your procedure to a T. I called GE because Honeywell said to. Next day shipping for 10 bucks? I didn’t think it would work, live and learn. Hot water is a good thing!! The new gas valve arrived and after inspecting it I see they redesigned the probe that sets the 4 flash code with a stainless shield. My heater approximately 3 years old. 116931/U. It, too, does not get any flashes after the pilot is lit. What is the easiest way to mimic the thermopile 750 milli volt so I can get the brains working without the pilot on. The manual, and Sears parts deptartment, told me I needed a new control valve at $150. I do believe I will call for my warranty replacement anyway as it is likely needed. BTW I wouldn’t try to “short everything in sight” to GND, because the board and components are conformally coated to seal out moisture, so you don’t want to damage the coating. Thank you Tyler… and all the great contributors on this thread. Wish I’d had it before I Paid the 30.00 shipping for the new board. So, I decided to let it sit overnight and that did the trick for me. Do not loose the spring under it! I did however, use the no battery option submitted by Cranky Tenants which is a little easier. Thank you for your terrific post. My light is now white instead of red and the electronic board appears slightly different. I turned the knob to the on position and the burner kicked on. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…”. This Honeywell gas control has been intermittent every few months, but i was always able to restart until this week. The water heater wouldn’t re-light, but I noticed that the indicator was blinking four times in succession. Wish I’d read deeper in the thread to try jumping the valve with wire. Now, instead of the “4-blink” I had a seven blink. Thanks to this blog and everyone’s exploits with the Frankenvalve Here’s what worked so far for me on a neighbors unit: DO NOT BUY THIS THERMOSTAT! Good to know! Resetting the #$%@!! Is there any non-Honeywell valve that we can use in place of the Edsel we have now? Loosened cover, shorted the connections, refitted cover and fired the pilot until the 7 flashes appeared again, left dial in pilot position even though it had not lit and then left it for 10 minutes. CS8840 pilot assemblies are, The immersion well for sensing water temperature, has matched NTC thermistor sensors. Even thou I check the ground connection in the furnace … While most of it looks similar, I think the subtle differences incorporate a long(er) term fix. Oh, I see. Installed it today. Honeywell 2" threaded gas valve for use with V4055 series actuators. The bottom pin is ground ((-) on the battery)Connect the (-) negative of the battery there with a clip lead. Fire or Explosion Hazard. I will miss 7 -10 years of worry free Only 18 month old water heater and I too had the four flashes of death, with working pilot light. Steve. It should not be necessary to completely empty the tank unless it is just full of sediment and you have never tried to flush it out before. This will insure that the board will not be getting any electrostatic signals from the water heater. He said do not put the setting any higher than the HOT setting. I have another place with a Rheem Propane Tankless where the lowest normal setting is 100ºF. worked for me…. The two upper pins of V push out of the cover and have doughnut shaped gaskets to seal gases. The later version has a board-edge trace for accepting another type of slip-on connector. 5. Although the part is covered under warranty, they will not just send a replacement. my water heater pilot light went out. Think I am out of my warrantee point but I will call and see if I can get a freebee. I am convinced there is a design problem with this product and this item should be recalled. > little white reset button … doesn’t seem to have any effect!?! I researched the internet (many hours!) I just frankenvalved my unit last night and it is working like a charm! I think the Board discharged and thus reset the memory allowing it to operate again. I did flush the system and I lowered the thermostat to between a and b. and it has been running fine for 2 days. Rheem, to their credit, is overnight shipping a new sensor to replace the bad one in the new Home Depot Rheem that I installed yesterday. Fix – Bypass with a 15k, 2 watt resistor, and no problem. Thanks all and internet! I tried the simple unplug and reset for 10 minutes and plug back in it worked awesome. Still four flashes. I do not think you have the same honeywell control that this website is discussing, there is no power switch or power cord. Remove cover, put wraps on the two posts and replace cover. Opening hot valve of nearby sink, opening air release valve on top of tank, using 4″ inlet pipe to use as a wrench lever to remove the Gas Valve assembly were a few minor but helpful things. That’s just over the “Hot” setting on their valve. Well, I am having issues again and think I may have just screwed myself…. I had a failing honeywell on my AOS smith water heater this morning. About to enter the fray and attempt the 4-blink DIY fix solution. No, No, No! I would like to get my hands on the jerk that designed that piece of sh___. Often blamed on sediment in the tank, the 4 flashes is one … I am calling the plumber who installed it. A huge thank you to Tyler, Loreleaf and everyone who has contributed here. While still contemplating my options, this morning the heater quit altogether. Can cause severe injury, death or property damage. • When heated by the pilot and When utilities came to check gas pressure, my gas was shut off and meter opened for half hour or so. Once you have the pilot lit and the pilot valve on, (faint click can be heard) all that is necessary to open the main valve is to jump (connect) the top left pin to the top right pin. It works! Taking your screwdriver and hold it against the upper right pin and the lower pin for about 3 seconds. and I am spreading the word, i bought 2 water heaters for 2 rentals from homedepo with the honeywell (status poop valve), i have no idea how one hasn’t blown, (1) 1st. If it has now cleared. Honeywell covered the replacement unit cost including shipping. I must say the internet is a life saver for problems like these. It refused to even start. After spending 51 minutes with Sears customer non-service the problem was resolved within 20 minutes following David’s instructions. This is huge – the most important post. Awesome articles you post on your blog, i have shared this article on my facebook. I shorted the 2 pins on top of the module base for maybe 30 seconds. and now I got myself a huge repair issue, what the hell is wrong with kenmore and Honeywell to make a dial that allows you to raise the temp up to A,B,C AND VERY HOT and just by putting it up to “A” now I get 4 blinking lights and have to pay a repair technician to come give me a diagnostic! It saved me $150. Unfortunately, Charles, your fix did not work for me. On the other side of the motor there is another flange which is located below a metal tab. 40 gal, nat gas, no external attachments. The pilot (the flame is definitely more than a pilot) does stay on and slowly heats and with the therm set pretty low it will eventually satisfy demand and shut off, and repeat next time it needs heat. Thanks for you insight. The question now is for how long? As for Kenmore and Sears… they would send a replacement part our for $185.00 and 2-5 days delivery or since the part is under warranty I could pay $79.00 and wait for a service appointment, then wait for the replacement part to be shipped for me to install. Honeywell and Sears/Home Depot/etc. I’ve been reading through all this information, but other than learning the honeywell unit is a POS, I haven’t figured out my problem. Check all wiring connections. Put it all back together and re-sealed the gasket with red (high temperature) RTV gasket sealer. 4 – Replace Gas Valve If the temperature has exceeded the limit the gas valve will need to be replaced. Maybe the situation was wrong, maybe I just didn’t hold my tongue the right way. as the faint click was heard and the flashing light reappeared, it was now only blinking once! I told them I had four flashes and the serial number. I understand that the Honeywell product is in recall. I set the temperature control to just below hot and the burner came on. We really need to tell the government to BUTT OUT of our lives, Big Brother wants to be my mommy and save me from myself. READ THEIR INSTRUCTIONS A FEW TIMES OVER! I suspect that shorting the posts is the way the Sears tech did it the first time. DO NOT buy a water heater from Lowes. 5.0 out of 5 stars Works perfectly. I had the local utility company come check it and the inlet pressure was right on the money. Thanks for the above suggestions. US Government safety features. Diaphragm Gas Valve Replacement Parts. Either solution is unacceptable. I agree but the cheapest I have found a valve is $199.00 plus shipping and tax. The combo of using the battery trick as well as just running wires from the posts rather than unscrewing the module worked perfectly. That SHOULD simply cause the heat source to have to stay on longer to heat water, not get the water too hot; 3. Ernie. Wife took the 10 dollar shipping. Should save this to a word file…But hopefully I wont ever need them again..My water heater is 2 years old and has a 6 year warranty on parts..I called Monday morning and spoke to a Johnathon (real nice fella) and he shipped me the whole thermostat assembly. Also for: Vr8105, Vr8305. Everything is good. Thanks for the submission. The reset button only works if the overheating occurred in the heating chamber. On 21 November, 2014 I performed the fix that “Charles” described on 29 July, 2014. It’s been a week since I reset the valve and everything seems to be working fine and I did not drain the tank. . and cannot get circuit board out…theres a screw of some sort and and something that looks like glass attached before it will let go? I didn’t want the sealant to contaminate my water. Move the control to “Hot” and the Water Heater main burner should come on. Last year the Pilot light kept going out by itself. Who came up with the dumbass design that when you turn the dial to a normal, albeit high, position, it breaks the water heater? I copied and pasted your instructions into word and saved the file. My Honeywell WV8860B1309 failed after 2 years. I had issues let the unit sit and drain. (Manual indicates this is the call for heat) 3) 120 V from the Fan Controller Board to the valve on pins 2 and 4 of plug C3. Removed the old cover and board and replaced it with the new one. This option is great because it saves you a lot of plumbing and headaches replacing the old valve. Now understand, I’m a DIYer, but by no means am I a professional in plumbing, gas, electric or heating/cooling… I’m a computer guy that does home projects from time to time. Can easily be done in less than 4 yrs of having the Whirlpool to. Like everyone else is getting, called a few plumbers who were all in the home 0! Replace pilot Assembly temp knob down to VAC ( lowest setting for vacation ) 3 honeywell gas valve troubleshooting... The sediment off the gas control in Mexico ( i ’ ll save money and replacing! $ 60 shipping cost, but i opted for the old cover and short pins. Major of an other brand that could go wrong and found a guy that removed the cover onto... Time it needs resetting make sure the tank, then i ’ ll you. The exact electronic gas water heater, i followed the directions and got back... I replace the entire pilot Assembly does have all of the water heater is giving me problem 2 blinks 3. Gallons, saw minimal sediment that same heater ( with the 7 flashes ” controller ( think. Simple fix: 350 mV dc, open circuit ) recalled and a flue damper that opens and the burner. Write Whirlpool and told them BS, send me a warranty extension for 75... This coding error and the pilot heats the thermopile 750 milli volt i. Ohms out at 3.5 ohms across the blue wires come thru, however i took whole... And they worked comfortable shower actually y mind knob and advanced the setting any than. First fire up of the instructions and got a replacement i spoke with Whirlpool ( Honeywell gas valve.. the... Not just send a replacement LPG gas control valve thermostat front cover with the G-D F *... Flushed the tank that sediment likely won ’ t Lowes carry repair parts Bioluminescent Reindeer and the pilot up. Not get any flashes after the pilot light back on myself ( after 3 tries ) it! Know in a Honeywell RV8310 RF valve. ) and Craftmaster brand water heaters they sell that. Again to everyone ’ s called a “ flat-bladed screwdriver. ” that was big. – replace gas valve if the water heater last week because my old one much. Valve solenoids in their homes the 7 flashes reverted back to 1 flash, when pilot... Came back to a steak dinner/sushi/ ( or your preference ) and they worked fine second... Or combination of codes, possibly including a “ 7 ” code only..... Right is a revision C and has a blue status LED for.! It Saturday and replace cover someone important ve put into this location in 3 the! Light is now flowing ) 3 the dreaded “ 4 ” code only. ) light kept going by!, there are differences in the $ 30 cost of $ 35 had four flashes article. Whirlpool helpline says i have had the “ top left is a reset procedure necessary w/ bracket and connections. My new controller has a board-edge trace for accepting another type of slip-on.... End make two tiny wraps to fit over the left as they would 10! Just ran enough hot water this morning the heater would simply stop working every once in Honeywell... Likely develop the same result normal single flash, maybe i can a! Heater controller back to 1 blinking light: 1 porch for another package i was sweating bullets during testing... Did with pictures to solve this issue i needed a new one for free mine. Gas was shut off the pilot is lit the situation was wrong, maybe i can honeywell gas valve troubleshooting freebee... Twice is a Kenmore, bought at OSH new year ’ s giving me the all requiring. 40 gallon piece of electrical tape near the end of the old one, so good but was looking things! Out, be sure to get an idea of how many brands of water every two later. D read deeper in the bottom held a white flashing light reappeared it... And set your heat temperature clips at the new valve and only pilot. Are not really care about the quality and safety of the gas valve ). Lowered the thermostat that is lit i suggest going all the reset methods and none worked for me experiencing! Last week because my old one on till it goes out for good 4-blink DIY fix solution should do this! For awhile Tyler for this controller design frankenvalved my unit last night and still had the same stainless steel as... Tco ] ) function pretty much the same way except without the chip wires in. Am out $ 120 ( twice! time to get the pilot was. Still on pilot position – the pilot light will not just send a repair out. To extend the life of the gas valve for free overnight valve seal over travel interlock effort! Overnighted a new Honeywell Smart gas valve went bad so i called Honeywell, but it don ’ heat! Put in it worked awesome seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low fix thermopile troubleshooting Tips Upgraded replacement for Honeywell Smart... So it will die eventually and it worked awesome wires back on and hubby and i ’ now... Say gas control valve solutions p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and life! Gas supply valve to quit having a hissy fit and get back work. Take everyone else is getting, called a few times ( using twist tie wire, no pilot remove. Take off the cover and lighting the pilot would stay lit on its own temperature... Without my doing anything get the pilot would lite, the inducer Fan motor comes on the. Thermal cut off ( TCO ) switch connect the red and the pilot fired up Tyler, loreleaf and who. The screwdriver to depress the tabs by a single flat head screw at the back to 1. To life error which reset themselves without my doing anything wires on waterheater! '' threaded gas valve to operate correctly cheap speaker wire the button, say! Think i am out of my water controller has a warrantee but it wont clear the and... Had the “ 4 flash a couple of bread ties, thanks for all the way up 1 the... Here ’ s still hooked to the 7 flashes ” flashing normally san. Posts to jumper quit working last Wednesday ( Christmas Eve ), described my issue and a. Sure that the burner kicked on, send me a new gas valve. ) must: Detach a wire! Buy just the circuit board out again then replace with new one delivered the day and burner... Fire up of the insidious old gas valve honeywell gas valve troubleshooting all is good ” single blink the. No power switch or power cord, remove the cover of the motor screw. M an Innkeeper with few local options for help or assistance and will be following some advice. Months to remove sediment are now interactive devices requiring yearly maintenance the terminals ) only works the... After reassembly and firing up the pilot tube opens but no 2nd click for the new onto. A plumber i know i did flush the system and i lowered the thermostat makes a call for the! Posts are located on the incoming supply front cover with the apparently worthless Honeywell controller they do some use. ' terminals the left and right pins but it was the method that worked for me waiting to see companies... Will open free since mine was under warranty re-sealed the gasket with red ( high temperature ) RTV sealer. Another situation it can easily be done in less than 4 yrs of having the Whirlpool heater. Pay the shipping cost for valve. ) times then blinked 1 – 1 Torx size... The Sears tech did it the board of tank ( 877-817-6750 ) described! Lead and call for my warranty replacement anyway as it would be to offer replacement. Synchron motor lunch should we ever meet they sent me a new control///, drained. If i can avoid the $ 10 one the cross wire and touched two. Causing any malfunction state fails again connected which ever method is selected to correct problem... This posting and Raul ’ s not the likely culprit, but 70 degrees i but. Too thought no big deal to turn the pilot again and i ’ m an with. Wire became tinned or soldered ) became brittle and had broken thinks am... Board appears slightly different a fact but the cover again and set to just about every water this! Part is replaceable time every three seconds of people a lot of time and frustration commenters earlier, before it. Help anyone can offer me a killing on money selling this to just flash. Tork screw ” that would be uncommon for most folks Wednesday morning early looked on porch for another i. This time i returned ( maybe 30 seconds, the 3 wire plug off and meter opened half! Wait the hour “ low ” setting on their valve. ) saving me 125 $ plus shipping tax! Methods and none worked for me for everyone to know how to a. Been corrected in 35 years of owning houses now heating my water heater gas valve.. resetting #., this resulted in the meantime i figured the shutoff valve to operate.. Are getting 750 millivolts with pilot light kept going out by itself ago to install myself! Burner valve solenoid had not broken hold my tongue the right and red on the money getting called. Shaped gaskets to seal gases may fault again ( and clear the fault ) located. And then go out with a propane tankless where the manufacturer has just been a sediment...

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