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At Alternavision, we are dedicated to making computers affordable, hassle free, and fun. We provide affordable PC Repair, Setup and Assistance, Web Design solutions, small office and home office solutins. We work with you to determine the best possible solution to your computing needs. You will find our service to be valuable and friendly, and our prices to be affordable. Whatever your computing needs - PC Setup, Maintenance and Repair, Networking, or general support - contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Computer Setup and Assistance

Not sure what computer would best meet your needs? At Alternavision, we can not only help you select the system that is best for you, we can also arrange for delivery, set up the system for you in your home, and provide hands on training to help keep your system organized. Not sure how to format a document? We can help with that as well. Looking for a less expensive alternative to commercial Office Suites? Again, Alternavision can help. Please see our Setup and Assistance page for more information.

PC Maintenance and Repair

We have A+ Certified technicians providing a complete range of services for PCs, from preventative maintenance to complete overhauls. You get the convenience of on-site service, and there is never an extra charge for night or weekend jobs. We can often obtain "unavailable" parts to repair older PCs, as well as provide operating systems and applications that allow these older machines to operate efficiently. Please see our PC Maintenance and Repair page for more information.


Easy Internet access can go a long way towards making life more convenient... unfortunatley, it can also open up your personal files to outside intruders. Alternavision can help ensure your computing privacy by setting up an Internet firewall, finding and removing spyware, and helping ensure you have the latest virus protection. We can also help minimize your computing costs and maximize convenience by setting up sharing of files, printers, and Internet connection for your home or business network. Please see our Home Networking page for more information.

Updated April 8, 2009

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